Proper Socks is changing the way the modern man feels when wearing dress socks. We believe you shouldn’t sacrifice style for comfort when getting dressed each morning, so we set off on a mission to build a better dress sock. Proper Socks combine bold colors and patterns with the latest in performance-running technology, giving you comfort where you need it most while allowing you to put your most fashionable foot forward.


How It Began


Proper Socks was founded in the winter of 2013 by Justin Schachner, a busy consultant and avid runner. No stranger to 12+ hour days, Justin practically lives in his dress shoes and attire. Like most professional men, Justin’s socks are his way of adding personal style into his suit and tie wardrobe. Unfortunately, spending long hours in typical, unsupportive fashion socks would take a toll on his feet, and the moment he would take off his work shoes was usually one of the best parts of his day.

One night, after another long day at the office, an hour-long commute, and a walk around his DC neighborhood with his dog, Justin took off his thin dress socks and slipped into a pair of his high-performance running socks to soothe his swollen feet. Immediately feeling the difference, Justin began his search for dress socks with the same technology. After weeks of searching department stores and the Internet, Justin came up empty handed. These socks didn’t exist! With that, Proper Socks was born.