What our customers are saying!

"I threw away all my other socks. The socks are simply great. They fit well and stay up. They are not bulky but have the right amount of thickness in the right places. They really are made for the right or left foot."

- Mark

"I purchased these for my husband to use as dress socks, but they keep finding their way into rotation with his work socks (he is a chef.) The comfort afforded must be undeniable!" 

- Erin

"Proper Socks are amazingly comfortable. I am a real estate agent so I door knock homes quite often so it's nice to have a pair of socks that give me the comfort and style needed to be able to do my job."

- Dave

"I purchased these as a stocking stuffer for my husband. He put them in a drawer until he had a week-long business trip. When he returned, he said they were so amazingly comfortable that he wanted me to order a pair for every day of the week. He definitely gives these socks top marks for comfort, as well as for their ability to keep his feet comfy from breakfast meetings to late night dinners."

- Emmie

"My husband loves these socks, so he was pleased that I bought him 4 more pairs for his birthday. Now there's a high recommendation. How many folks like getting socks for their birthday? ;-) He says they are so comfy! Be sure you get the right sock on the right foot. They are labeled "L" and "R". My hubby says it makes a noticeable difference."

- Irene

"Bought three pairs of these socks for my son-in laws for Christmas. The quality and softness are incredible!"

- Sharon

"Super cool for my teenage grandson. Seem to be well made and I can't tell you how glad I was to find something that was actually made in the USA!"

- Amanda

"Best, most comfortable socks I have ever owned - waiting for more colors to be developed"

- Larry

"Bought these for my husband, but they are so nice that I am contemplating ordering for myself, too."

- Ruth 

"My husband didn't think he needed new socks, especially ones he considered pricey, but these are the socks he wears every week"

- Lisa

"Amazing, that is the word my husband used when he told me how these socks felt! He LOVES them. I am ordering him another set of three."

- Diane

"Excellent choice for work socks. Cushioned yet not a heavier weight sock as a woolen sock can be. So glad I tried on "my son's" socks. Colors and stripes are fun!"

- Anonymous



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